Goshen Sai – Kind (Bootleg Remix)

This bootleg remix of “Kind” by Atlanta resident Goshen Sai is haunting bit of house. Goshen Sai initially leaves the vocals and sweeping synths of the original track fairy untouched and gentle builds the track with a driving, kick-dominant, beat. Once the track breaks, the kick continues to drive things building into a full electro […]

Bethel – No Longer Slaves (Reyer & Retain Remix) Featuring Robin Vane

Fans of CEDM Worship remixes will probably be familiar with Reyer following his 2015 album “Worship: The Remix Project” (buy the full album from iTunes or download a 9-Track Sampler for free from Noisetrade) and his remix of Martin Smith’s “God’s Great Dancefloor”. This is more of the same from Reyer (this time alongside fellow Dutch artist […]