Cover Image for Coco Street and Laladee Gold Again dustclears bootleg

Coco Street & Laladee – Gold Again (dustclears Bootleg)

I’ve not heard anything from dustclears previously and, unexpectedly, stumbled across this gem of a bootleg on Soundcloud. The understated approach to the instrumental compliments Laladee’s vocals really well, keeping them the focus of the track. The repeated staccato chord stab gently rises and falls through the track to build the atmosphere, with the melodic […]

Coco Street & Deeflash – Everybody Jump (Chemical Harmony Remix)

Everybody Jump is a collaboration between MK837’s Deeflash and Gospel Vocalist Coco Street. There are several versions of the track (including a remix from Detroit House legend Terrence Parker) but this is, in my opinion, the best of the lot. The track starts with some quick laid back percussion and keys and breaking down into […]