Cover image for Run and Hide MrClottey Club Remix by Bianca Rose

Bianca Rose – Run and Hide (MrClottey Club Remix)

Right, we are back and in full-on catch up mode! This time we’ve got a melodic, deep house remix of “Run and Hide” by Bianca Rose from MrClottey. I love how this track builds slowly through the vocals starting with just a wispy single chord and kick and gradually adding more melodic elements as we […]

MrClottey – Facts From The Future EP

Facts From The Future by MrClottey Hot on the heals of his chilled house remix of Jules Rendell’s “Old Friend”, MrClottey is back with “Facts From The Future”, an EP of 3 massive bass-heavy house tracks. The EP opens up with “Comin’ Back”. With deep, pitch shifted, lyrics based on Revelation 1:7, “Comin’ Back” is […]

Cross Nation – The Sound of His Nation Vol. 1

“The Sound of His Nation Vol. 1” is the debut compilation album from our friends over at Cross Nation Promotions¬†(released via His Creation Records) and is a mix of different genres from Future Bass to Hardstyle and various things in between. Cross Nation have done a great job bringing together some of the bigger names […]