Cover Image for Coco Street and Laladee Gold Again dustclears bootleg

Coco Street & Laladee – Gold Again (dustclears Bootleg)

I’ve not heard anything from dustclears previously and, unexpectedly, stumbled across this gem of a bootleg on Soundcloud. The understated approach to the instrumental compliments Laladee’s vocals really well, keeping them the focus of the track. The repeated staccato chord stab gently rises and falls through the track to build the atmosphere, with the melodic […]

Digital Pilgrimz Yeshua Cover Artwork

Digital Pilgrimz ft. San Mi – Yeshua

Featured on Part 3 of the Back To The Jungle Vol 2 release out on Formation Records, Yeshua brings together the classic mix of jungle beats, basslines and hooks with Reggae vocals from San Mi. With, uplifting, Psalms-inspired lyrics that describe some of the characteristics of God and who he is to believers, “Yeshua” is […]

Michael Obed: Ron Kenoly – Jesus Is Alive (Mikee Bootleg)

This bootleg remix from Michael Obed is an energtic slice of Gospel DnB. Repeating just a small vocal and instrumental sample from the original Ron Kenoly track (“He’s alive, yes He is!”) and layering it over rolling beats and a jazzy bassline, the track builds to a break where the filtered sample and beats rise […]

Cover image for Soundbwoy by Contrite

Contrite – Soundbwoy (Original Mix)

If, like me, you grew up listening to the jump up Drum & Bass sounds being put out on labels like Ram Records in the mid-90’s, “Soundbwoy” from Contrite (out on The Most High Records) is definitely one to check out as it will take you straight back there (while also throwing in a good […]