Profetik & Theølogy – Soul Dreamer

Profetik (Brian Anderson) & Theølogy (Matthew J. Bentley) team up on “Soul Dreamer”, an epic, electro-infused Trance banger. This has been featured on Above & Beyond’s weekly radio show, “Group Therapy”, so you know it’s going to be good. Opening with a rough, saw-synth bassline, an energetic synth riff is added and atmospheric chords build you […]

50th Review Special – Toxic Emotion

For our 50th Review Special, we’re not bringing you just one review but an album feature alongside a single, all from Toxic Emotion (AKA Daniel David Lopez). Due to YouTube copyright rules, we are unable to display the official playlist on the blog but you can listen to the full album on YouTube HERE. “Beautiful Randomness” is Toxic […]

Oiwolf – Here I Am (feat Holly Stanton)

“The inspiration for this track is simply about saying “Here I Am” when you hear the voice of God, even if the task ahead is mammoth! Moses was hesitant at first but then obedient & went on to lead millions of people out of slavery. Happy listening! Exodus 3:4 So when the Lord saw that […]

Gui Brazil – Xehboli

I’m not sure exactly what genre this track fits into as it seems to switch between a couple. What I can say is that, from when I first heard it in the Transform DJs mix for Underground Revival, I had to find out what it was! The first hook on this is SOOOOO catchy! The track […]