Fher Vizzuëtt – Stronger & Burn

Fher Vizzuëtt’s been busy, with 2 strong releases out in a space of a couple of weeks on Fuzion Four! “Stronger” starts with a downtempo feeling intro which almost deceives you into thinking that this track has a lower BPM than it really does. When the synths and rhythmic, industrial, electronic sounds kick in, the […]

Fher Vizzuëtt – Passion

“Passion” is a great bit of Progressive/Future House from Mexican DJ/Producer Fher Vizzuëtt (thanks to the Deepsink Digital Takeover for putting us on to Fher’s music!). The track mixes a classic Future House style hook with more atmospheric, etherial synth breakdowns that wouldn’t sound out of place in a trance track. The drops are big with vocal […]