Digital Pilgrimz Yeshua Cover Artwork

Digital Pilgrimz ft. San Mi – Yeshua

Featured on Part 3 of the Back To The Jungle Vol 2 release out on Formation Records, Yeshua brings together the classic mix of jungle beats, basslines and hooks with Reggae vocals from San Mi. With, uplifting, Psalms-inspired lyrics that describe some of the characteristics of God and who he is to believers, “Yeshua” is […]

Bass Disciples Feat. DJ SS – Pray

More high quality Drum & Bass action from the Bass Disciples collective on Formation Records. Featuring DJ SS, “Pray” is a big roller with swirling vocals exhorting the listener to devote themselves to daily prayer regardless of what others might think. The track then drops into a big, wobbling bassline and beats that break around […]

Soul Savaz Feat. DJ SS, Jay Square & Victor – Thank You

If you’ve been anywhere near the UK Drum & Bass scene then the name DJ SS should be very familiar, he (and his label, Formation Records) have been responsible for some of the biggest tracks over the last 25 years. This is one from his “Soul Savaz” project which focuses on producing high-quality, God-centred and […]