Mark Hollinger – Inspired Trance

No. Artist Track Record Label 1 Sonar Zone Renewal (Remix) Fuzion Four 2 micFreak Resurface (Johan de Kock Remix) Deeplife Records 3 DjJhonnyVergel Atalya Deepsink Digital 4 Kenneth Thomas & Frequent Flyer Miles Grace Alene IAMPHOENIX 5 DJ JIREH ft Liezl So Loved Deepsink Digital 6 Antillas & Alpha Force ft. Lauren Evans The Love […]

Frequent Flyer Miles – Coming Home (Noel Sanger Remix)

Noel Sanger’s Progressive/Minimal House Remix of “Coming Home” from Frequent Flyer Miles is a huge departure from the high tempo trance original. This version strips everything right back, the melodies are simplified, the tempo pulled back and the vocals removed to the point that, unless you knew this was a remix, you might think it […]