Transform DJs – Underground Revival – Midnight Mix March 2017

Featured as the “Midnight Mix” on 24th March 2017 on the weekly Underground Revival radio show (every Friday 9PM to 1AM Eastern Time on Victory 91.5 and live streamed at, Transform bring the fire with a mix of fresh out of the box remixes, older classics and the very best the CEDM scene has to offer right […]

Kenneth Thomas & Goshen Sai – The Breeze

“Your love is the rock It stays unchanging When the waters rise It doesn’t even phase me You stay with me You stay with me and then You break what’s been breaking” “The Breeze” from Trance heavyweights Kenneth Thomas & Goshen Sai is a melodic, uplifting track with bold and comforting lyrics. The intro has […]

Christmas EDM

The Christmas Season is firmly upon us and what better way to get into the Festive Spirit than by celebrating the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, with some Christmas EDM!Below is a selection of originals tracks and remixes of well known Carols and plenty of sleigh bell led beats that are guaranteed to spread a bit […]

Spark & Shade Ft. Goshen Sai – Sinners And Saints

“Let us find our way, after all we are just the sinners and the saints” “Sinners & Saints” is the debut from Above All Records’ duo Spark & Shade (the brainchild of Maxem and Noadja) featuring the vocals of Goshen Sai. The track is a juxtaposition of melodic, orchestral breakdowns and hard, staccato-synth led drops. […]

Goshen Sai – Kind (Bootleg Remix)

This bootleg remix of “Kind” by Atlanta resident Goshen Sai is haunting bit of house. Goshen Sai initially leaves the vocals and sweeping synths of the original track fairy untouched and gentle builds the track with a driving, kick-dominant, beat. Once the track breaks, the kick continues to drive things building into a full electro […]