Transform DJs – Underground Revival – Midnight Mix March 2017

Featured as the “Midnight Mix” on 24th March 2017 on the weekly Underground Revival radio show (every Friday 9PM to 1AM Eastern Time on Victory 91.5 and live streamed at, Transform bring the fire with a mix of fresh out of the box remixes, older classics and the very best the CEDM scene has to offer right […]

Chris Howland

On 7th October 2016, Found Beats had the pleasure of chatting to Chris Howland about production, the CEDM scene and other stuff! Check out the video below to hear our interview with him: Chris’ latest release “Savior” is out now on DRÖM (click HERE to read our review) Listen to more from Chris Howland on […]

Levi Whalen – Superpowers

More bright, positive, progressive house from Levi Whalen, “Superpowers” is from his 2015 Lands EP out on Ethosse. The track is kicked off synth arpeggios with a staccato bass synth riff and hats/snares joining before the main beat and additional synth stabs build things towards the breakdown. The main drop on this features almost “call […]

Levi Whalen – Faith

“Faith” is a beautiful and serene bit of melodic house from Levi Whalen, the kind of track that is perfect for lazy summer evenings. Simple chords and swirling synth riffs sit on top of a beat that reminds me of Chris Malinchak’s chilled Deep House style. A nice, low-key breakdown takes us through to a […]

Levi Whalen – Hideaway

Hideaway from Seattle based Levi Whalen is a bit of a builder. Starting with some nicely arpeggiated synths and simple pad and bass riffs, it gradually layers up with a synth hook before taking you into a piano break and adding the vocals. As the break builds, layers of sweeping chords are added before the […]