Samuel Zamora – Shofar Dance

 Shofar (Noun)  – A ram’s horn blown as a wind instrument, sounded in Biblical times chiefly to communicate signals in battle and announce certain religious occasions. Samuel Zamora is back on MK837 with “Shofar Dance”. As you’d expect from the meaning of the title, this is filled with ethnic horns and horn-style synth stabs. These […]

Raskal – Souls On Fire (2016 Remix)

“Souls of Fire (2016 Remix)” from Raskal (AKA Georgia-based Ronnie Rask) is a chilled, deep house track that bumps along nicely without relying on big drops/breaks. The track gently rises and falls without too much drama but will have you swaying along to it’s inviting beats and melodies. The simple vocal cuts through at just […]

Deeflash – Dirt On The Transistor (Original Mix)

“Dirt on The Transistor” is a weighty slice of Tech House from Deeflash (AKA Reiche). The track opens with a simple 4/4 beat and driving bassline. Other percussive elements and fat synths build the track into brief pause before it drops into a fuller beat while maintaining the heavy bass and sparse synths. Haunting, echoing vocal stabs […]

Chris Howland – Twenty Twelve

“Twenty Twelve” from Chris Howland on MK837 is a re-release of tracks originally put out in 2013 (“Worship”) and 2015 (“Twenty-Twelve”). Click here to read our review of “Worship” Twenty Twelve is a more Tech House edged track with a latin flavour to the beats. The track opens with a simple kick pattern accompanied by […]