Transform – I See You Moving (Original Redux & Galactus Jack Remix)

 Transform bring their original release right up-to-date with a big Progressive House redux from the Transform boys themselves and a high-energy electro remix from Manchester based producer & DJ Galactus Jack. The Original Redux from Transform keeps a lot of the elements and melodies of the original “poppy” version of the track but brings […]

AUDICID – Thunderbird

BIG House Sounds from the prolific Chris Howland (feel like we’re featuring him every other review at the moment!). “Thunderbird” is the first release under Chris’ “AUDICID” alias for a few years but it was definitely worth the wait. There is only one word to really describe this track….. MASSIVE! With big brass stabs (reminiscent […]

Frequent Flyer Miles – Coming Home (Noel Sanger Remix)

Noel Sanger’s Progressive/Minimal House Remix of “Coming Home” from Frequent Flyer Miles is a huge departure from the high tempo trance original. This version strips everything right back, the melodies are simplified, the tempo pulled back and the vocals removed to the point that, unless you knew this was a remix, you might think it […]

Faith Massive – Cloudburst (Yoshida Remix)

Yoshida (AKA J Davis) with a progressive house remix of his own track “Cloudburst” (under his Faith Massive moniker) taking it in a completely different direction to the smooth liquid drum & bass of the original track. Despite being a lower BPM, the remix actually sounds more up-tempo that the original with the chilled intro […]

Levi Whalen – Hideaway

Hideaway from Seattle based Levi Whalen is a bit of a builder. Starting with some nicely arpeggiated synths and simple pad and bass riffs, it gradually layers up with a synth hook before taking you into a piano break and adding the vocals. As the break builds, layers of sweeping chords are added before the […]