Faith Massive – Cloudburst (Yoshida Remix)

Yoshida (AKA J Davis) with a progressive house remix of his own track “Cloudburst” (under his Faith Massive moniker) taking it in a completely different direction to the smooth liquid drum & bass of the original track. Despite being a lower BPM, the remix actually sounds more up-tempo that the original with the chilled intro […]

Yoshida – Cat Juggling

Funky, Disco-infused house on this track from Yoshida’s 2013 “Dragon Baby” EP on the MK837 imprint. This one fuses very 70s influenced beats, funk baseline and jazz¬†brass (synth) elements and more electro sounding pads. The track starts with that cow-bell led beat and simple organ chords and gradually introduces the sliced vocals and brass-style hook. […]