Terrence Parker – Cala Luna / The Detroit Groove

More classic house grooves from Terrence Parker, this time on Nervous Records.

“Cala Luna” has all the elements you’d expect of a quality classic house track, hammond style organs, piano riffs, swinging beats and soulful vocals.

This is the kind of track that will have you nodding your head whether you realise it or not.

“Detroit Groove” has a more modern feel to it with filtered electronic synth riffs, ethereal chords and a driving beat. As the track drops, it’s more classic TP with the beats and live sounding bassline complimenting the synths and chords. As the track progresses, organ sounds are added to break up the electronic synths and keep the track flowing.

Both tracks on this release are perfect for a classic house set and will definitely get the dancefloor moving.

Listen to more from Terrence Parker on SoundCloud HERE and HERE

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