Transform – I See You Moving (Original Redux & Galactus Jack Remix)

Transform bring their original release right up-to-date with a big Progressive House redux from the Transform boys themselves and a high-energy electro remix from Manchester based producer & DJ Galactus Jack.

The Original Redux from Transform keeps a lot of the elements and melodies of the original “poppy” version of the track but brings the synths up-to-date and fills the sound out with more a more prominent bassline, heavily chopped and processed vocals and subtle piano riffs.

The redux would sit perfectly in both Youth and DJ-led worship settings.

The Galactus Jack remix takes a completely different angle, really only retaining the vocals from the original track and putting them over a MASSIVE saw bass drop and the big synth riffs that fans of Galactus Jack will be familiar with.

The remix probably has a slightly less commercial EDM feel to it than the redux but would still sit very nicely in Youth & EDM Worship settings.

Between the redux and the remix, this release give you two high quality, God-focused tracks to add to your EDM worship arsenal!

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