Transform – Wildfire

Our good friends Transform are back with “Wildfire” out now on Deeplife Records.

The release comes with 4 tracks, the original Transform track, a Kevin Aleksander remix and club edits of both versions.

The original is a BIG electro house track with gritty bass synth riffs underpinning the verses while the drop brings in the wild, catchy main hook.

Switching things up, the rap through the mid-section retains the same synth sounds from the drop but introduces a change in rhythm before building back into the main drop.

This track has a real party vibe to it with the “pop” vocals that communicate Transform’s desire and passion to see the Holy Spirit move like “Wildfire” and to see lives changed through the Gospel. This one goes OFF when Transform drop it in their live sets.

The Kevin Aleksander remix keeps the vocals pretty much as per the original but sits them over a Brazilian-bass influenced instrumental with massive sub-bass, electro house synths riffs and a infectious hook that will get firmly stuck in your head! Similar to the original, the remix switches things up through the rap section, this time stripping things right back to kick and staccato bass and ramping up the energy.

Alongside the release, Transform have put out a video for the track featuring a lot of imagery and references that showcase the things and people close to their hearts. Check it out below and have a go at our quiz to find out more about Transform.

Check Out The Music Video

Wildfire Quiz!


What are Transform's 3 Pillars?

Correct! Wrong!

Who can be seen wearing clothing from Hawaii-based brand HE>i and why?

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Which member of Transform played basketball in college?

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In the party scene towards the end of the video, who is DJing?

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Which country, referenced in the video, does Jon hold dual citizenship for?

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Who can be seen holding the Zion record (representing The The Kingdom of God, Blessing Zion - Israel, standing with Israel)?

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Which German band, who Transform played shows with in 2013 and 2016, is on one of Tim's T-Shirts?

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What sport, referenced in the video, did Jon play in College (University)

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What English Premier League football team does Jon support? (He can be seen wearing their scarf in the video)

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What is the significance of the "Champion" T-Shirts that can bee seen in the video?

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In which City/State (where Transform are currently based) was the video shot?

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Which Bible verse, that underpins Transform's 3 Pillars, can be seen being underlined in the video?

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Transform DJs - Wildfire Quiz
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Fierce Blaze
Dying Ember

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