Twelve24 – Oblivion (Geekboy Remix) & Higher Feat. Deronda K. Lewis

Both the Geekboy Remix of “Oblivion” and the original of “Higher” from Twelve24 take me right back to the classic early 2000’s garage sound with their skipping high hats, piano grooves, heavily chopped vocals and pad bass riffs.

Oblivion (Geekboy Remix)

“Oblivion”, expertly remixes by Geekboy, opens up with a funky hi-hat and snare off-beat and chopped vocals (in a Todd Edwards garage style!). The kick and full vocal start to build the track before it drops into a big garage style groove.

I really like the use of the chopped vocals to create much of the melody and the way the track skips between these and the fuller vocals keeping things varied.

The vocals seem to speak of giving everything over to God, letting go and trusting him even when we don’t always know what the plan is!

Higher Feat. Deronda K. Lewis

“Higher” has a really similar feel to Oblivion, opening with chopped vocals and a skipping hi-hat/snare rhythm. A fuller, classic garage beat comes in as the track starts to build with the fuller male & female vocal leading into the more house-edged drop.

The track then breaks into a rap verse before the sound vocals come back in.

The lyrics to this track speak of the trust we can place in God, the sacrifice he has made for us and how his love lifts us up out of the darkness into higher places in him.

This track is interesting as the focus is more on the breaks than the drops. Much of the track is more laid back using the chilled breakbeat with the the short 4/4 drops scattered among the longer breaks – almost the reverse in emphasis compared to what you find in most house/garage tracks.

For those of you who like a slightly harder, Future House sound, it’s worth checking out the DJ LP Remix of “Higher”. The construction of the track remains very similar using the same breakbeat style breakdowns but adding harder synths and beats to the drops.

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