Victor – Take Me High (DJ SS Remix)

“Holy Spirit can come and take over, my mind, my heart, my soul”

More rolling beats, big baselines and God-centred lyrics with DJ SS on the remix of this track from Victor on Formation’s Bass Disciples project.

The first break on this is lead by Victor’s vocals as the beat builds behind them. The lyrics speak of a heart attitude of giving everything over to God, trusting Him completely in every aspect of your life. As the track drops, the lyrics switch to declaring every person’s need for a relationship with God.

It’s also worth checking out the High Roll & DJ SS Remix which gives the track a more mainstream Drum & Bass spin compared to DJ SS’s classing jungle-edged mix.

If you’re into Drum & Bass, you need to keep your finger on what is coming out of the Bass Disciples project, with DJ SS and other Formation Records artist at the helm, you know it’s going to be top quality production every time.

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