Ziontist – Digital Lifestyle

Ziontist (AKA Zurich-based Mark Hollinger) is a veteran on the CEDM scene having started arranging Christian Youth club-nights over 15 years ago. Since then he has been involved in the LIGHTLINER PROJECT (with tracks being played on the club-scene in the US) and played out as both a DJ and pioneer of Live Electronic-Worship.

Digital Lifestyle is an album that spans a number of genres within EDM from Breakbeat through to Drum & Bass, Trance and Electro but maintains its identity through the futuristic digital sounds used throughout the album.

Ziontist draws on his own personal experience and relationship with God, as well as the experiences of others, to create an album of music that points to God through its melodies, rhythms and (occasionally) words.

My personal favourites on the album are:

  • “Sounds’n Motion” with its Acid-House style synth hook, driving sub-bassline, deep house bass hook and melodic pad/brass element accenting the main hook
  • The Electro saw bass and breakbeat driven “Transformation” that drops into an, almost, half-time break and then into a deep bassline, cinematic synths and delayed piano giving a sense of peace and wonder
  • “My Future is Christ” – an intense Electro/Trance affair which has a feeling of urgency and pent-up energy, driving the listener on into what lies ahead (Philippians 3:12-14 came to mind when listening to this)
  • The, almost, Liquid Drum & Bass style, “In The Sunrise” which captures the juxtaposition of tranquility and excitement you often feel as you watch the light gradually appearing over the horizon as a new day dawns
  • “Hidden Prayers” – A reminder of the persecution that many endure because their faith. The somber military drum beat, minor synth chords and melody acknowledge those who have made great sacrifices for their beliefs.

Stylistically, “Digital Lifestyle” is quite different to the other music we have reviewed up to this point, but it’s a good example of the variety of instrumental EDM that can be used as an expression of our salvation and relationship with God.

Look out for other productions from Mark under his own name (as well as his Ziontist moniker).

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